Notary Services

Private administrative processes can be witnessed by a notary public, meaning the notary mails your documents to the Respondent(s) with the notary's Proof of Service, and their replies (if any) come to you through the notary so the notary can note whether or not a response was received. The notary can then complete the process by issuing a Notice of Non-Response if no valid replies were received. On the other hand, documents can be sent out by the Affiant by certified mail and if the dispute is not settled, bring a copy of the entire process to a notary public who is familiar with Protest, or Certificate of Dishonor ("COD") method.

Notary Witness Service

When you need to present a document to another man, woman or entity, and you'd like it served by an impartial public official, that is when a Notary Witness can be used. The Notary then can supply you with a Notice of Non-Response if your Respondent(s) remain silent.

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Notary Certificate of Dishonor (Protest)

This "COD" service is for use after you have completed an administrative process, including billing if necessary, which has been dishonored (not answered). The notary public, an agent of the Secretary of State, can re-present your entire process to the Respondent(s) in order to certify their dishonor. If they still don't respond, the Certificate of Default/Dishonor issued by the notary public is an Administrative Judgment.

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Affidavit for Service

Since the notary public performing a Protest needs to be requested to do it, here is a sample affidavit you can use to construct a request for notary service.

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